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Since I was young I was attracted by pictures and art, I used to rip pictures from magazine to after analyze and  to recreate them, but then they convinced me a lawyers had a brighter future! After  a  long time I realized  I was missing something in my Life, after so I decided to go back to my first passion and I started to Live.Everyday is a good day to move on a different prospective, everyday is a good day to start a new Life, because we are in Motion.I met my husband in Harbour Island, I was looking for a model and he was looking for a photo shooting. Since we meet a special energy flow in between us, our different ages, our different cultures at first scared us, but at the end we decided to not give a chance to fear but to Love and here we are to share our Passion and Emotions with you through PLJ IMAGES ART IN MOTION... (Paola Loves Jonathan).